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Storage Unit 101: What You Can & Can’t Store

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Self storage units are like having an extra closet or garage. You can store your seasonal belongings, such as decor and clothes, to free up space inside your home. Storage units are also perfect for the things you hardly use but can’t throw away. 

Renting a unit can help you declutter your home or store your belongings during a move. You can put almost anything in a storage unit, though certain items are not allowed. 

Learn more about what you can and cannot put in self storage to keep your property, that of others and the entire facility safe.  

What Can You Store? Common Items 

Most household items are allowed in storage units. Before you rent a unit, you should take inventory of what you wish to store. This will help you choose a unit size that’s appropriate for your needs. 

Some of the most common things people store include:

  • Furniture 
  • Appliances 
  • Lamps
  • Clothing 
  • Comforters & Bedding
  • Books
  • Dishes & Kitchenware
  • Decorations
  • Photographs
  • Lawn & Gardening Tools

Packing away personal belongings safely is easy with self storage. Make sure you cover your furniture and appliances to prevent tearing or scratching during the transition from your home to the unit. Other belongings, like clothing and books, should be packed in airtight containers for best protection. 

If you own a business, you can keep supplies, extra furniture, records and inventory in a storage unit. As long as what you want to store is not toxic, explosive or alive, you’ll likely get the green light to store it at our facility. 

What Can’t You Store? Prohibited & Not Recommended Items

Personal storage doesn’t mean you can store everything you own. For the safety of others and our facility, there are some items you can’t bring into your storage unit. 

It may go without saying, but you cannot store stolen property, illegal substances or drugs of any kind in your unit. Contraband aside, you may not realize you are storing something you shouldn’t. 

Here’s a rundown of what you cannot have in your unit. 


The last thing you want is to attract pests to your unit and neighboring units. Perishable items are not allowed in storage units because they are a calling card for bugs and rodents. Beware that boxes and storage containers that once held food may still smell like food to pests.


You cannot store items that are combustible or may easily catch on fire. If the temperature spikes, there’s a risk that these materials could explode and damage property.

Propane tanks, aerosols, gasoline, paint thinner, fireworks and lighter fluid are prohibited from making an appearance in your storage unit. If you are storing a lawn mower or power tools, you’ll need to drain the gasoline and oil from them before leaving them in your unit. No fuel is allowed inside of a unit. 


Anything that is noxious or could be toxic if spilled is prohibited. Keep chemicals out of your unit. You should not store pesticides, weed killer or household cleaning products, like bleach. 


Though this may seem like a given, you cannot keep living things inside your unit. You may not leave your dog or cat in the unit at any time. The same goes for small pets like fish, lizards and snakes. If you need a place for your pet, try a kennel or boarder, or ask a friend to pet sit. 


We know that moving sometimes means you no longer have a place for your houseplants. Unfortunately, your storage unit is not the place for them. Plants need sunlight and water to live—two things that won’t be in your unit. Plus, they can attract pests.


Some storage facilities may allow you to store registered firearms. At Airbase Self Storage, we do not allow you to store firearms, ammunition or other types of weaponry. 

Scented items

We recommend refraining from storing belongings with special scents. Anything with a strong, inviting odor can attract pests. 

Wet items

Dampness can lead to mold and mildew. To protect your property from damage, make sure the items you are storing are completely dry. For example, don’t store recently rained on patio cushions. Let them dry completely before bringing them to your unit.


While it’s not illegal or prohibited to keep cash in your unit, we do not recommend doing so. Cash is not protected by self storage unit insurance. Though we take your security seriously at Airbase Self Storage, we cannot be held responsible should something happen to cash in your unit.

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